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A Blog You Can Trust
Alan Kotok
We hope everyone had a wonderful New Year! We have a treat for you today! We are very excited to introduce our guest blogger of the week! Welcome Alan!

Here's a thought experiment: remember back to the last time you clicked on a click-bait headline (like the kind that end with, "You won't believe what happened next.") Yes, you opened the page, but how did you feel about it? And have you returned to that site since? ... Read More!


5 Things Your Mother Never Told You About Writing a Blog Title
Jerry Nelson
Happy Friday bloggers! We have something to sink your teeth into today! We are very excited to introduce our guest blogger of the week! Welcome Jerry!

Unless Arianna Huffington is your mother, perhaps you were never told how to write a bad-ass blog title.

Mom said other things, some of which have been needlepointed onto pillows and are being sold in giftshops:

“Am I talking to a brick wall? ” “Are you deaf or something? ” “Do as I say, not as I do.”

And the ever popular: “Do you think I'm made of money?”

But she never said anything about creating a title. ... Read More!


Blog Squad: Why You Should Have a Blogging Tribe and How You Can Find One
We all know that “squads” are all the craze today, with Taylor Swift being the trailblazer of having one of the most powerful group of famous friends.

If you're a full time blogger and have been doing it for quite some time, you may have noticed that you have built up a fairly sizable network of fans, fellow bloggers, and even fans who are fellow bloggers. In addition, you've no doubt become a recognizable fan of quite a few other bloggers. ... Read More!


Storytelling Secrets: Bring Your Blog to Life & Hook Loyal Readers

Imagine walking along the Pacific coastline, silky white sand pushing between your toes and a breathtaking sunset painting the sky with varying shades of yellow, pink and red. You look away from that spectacular view for just one moment, and in that moment a large seashell glitters from the sand a few steps ahead. Instantly forgetting about the colorful show playing out in the sky above, you rush forward and grab the seashell before the tide can rush in and steal it away.

... Read More!