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Guest Blogging

There are two ways you can take advantage of guest blogging. The first option is to open your blog up to quality posts written by other bloggers and business owners within your niche. The second option is to create quality posts and allow other bloggers to feature them on their blogs.

The first option allows you to add new perspectives to your blog while filling in gaps when you may not have time to create quality posts personally. This works especially well if you can feature high-profile bloggers who are respected within your niche. Your readers will associate your blog with that big name and it gives greater credibility to your blog.

The second option allows you to tap into readers of other blogs within your niche. Your blog post adds value to the blog that hosts your post, and you get a backlink coming from a blog with a higher rank than your blog has currently earned. Those backlinks are valuable and may help your blog earn a higher rank with time. In the short term, readers may enjoy your guest post so much that they click to your blog and start following your posts.

You know how important backlinks are to your SEO strategy, and this is just one more way to get links of high quality. If you want to benefit as much as possible from either of these guest blogging strategies, you must follow some simple guidelines:

1.Target blogs of high quality. You do not want your blog associated with a spam blog or a blog that regularly features low quality or inaccurate work. You have to protect your reputation at all costs.
2.Select blogs directly related to your niche. If you have a self-improvement blog, it doesn't make sense to link up with a blog about ceiling fans.
3.Take the time to craft a valuable blog that will interest your readers and the readers of the blog hosting your post. Other bloggers will only agree to feature your post if it adds value to their blog and interests their readers.
4.Make sure to include a link from your guest blog post back to your website. You can craft the link so that it stems from a keyword connected to your blog. Blend that text link into your blog post so it flows naturally. You may also want to add it to the end with a call to action directing readers to check out your blog for more information.

In order for guest blogging to work, you need to view other blogs as friends rather than competitors. You can share an audience with many other blogs within your niche and work together to push one another to higher levels of success.