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Give Thanks Through Your Blog: Thanksgiving Blog post Ideas

Thanksgiving is almost here, and you have more to do than bake pumpkin pie and clean out the guest bedroom. Your loyal blog readers are immersed in the holiday as well, and that means they may not have as much time to read your posts. One way to keep their attention and perhaps attract a few new readers is to fill your blog with seasonal posts. What should you write about? The following ideas will give your brainstorm session a jump start.

Recipes with a Spin

While traditional dishes will fill much of the table on Thanksgiving day, most families have a spot or two open for new recipes. Rather than posting something generic for the usual dishes, give your recipe posts a spin that relates to the topic of your blog.

For instance, if your blog is related to fitness, you may recreate traditional recipes to lower the fat or calorie content. For a mommy blog, consider posting recipes that even your pickiest kid begs for each year. You may even offer recipes that will energize the body even when the tummy is stuffed with turkey.

Facts and Sentiments

Create an infographic that presents interesting facts about Thanksgiving or a meme that tells the history of the holiday in a creative manner. If you enjoy sharing about your personal life, you may want to create a blog series that allows you to share all of the blessings that you're thankful to have in your life. Invite your readers to leave comments sharing their blessings as well.

Celebration Opportunities

If your blog is for a local business, you may want to post notifications for Thanksgiving events occurring in your community. This will encourage readers to stop by daily to see if you're delivering more information that may make their holiday more entertaining. You can do the same thing for your state or country if your audience is more spread out, but this works best for blogs centered on smaller geographical areas.

Spread the Joy

Your Thanksgiving blog posts may simply focus on creative ideas that will help your readers make the most of the holiday. Try to think of ideas that directly relate to your targeted demographic. For instance, a blogger speaking to military families may include a post with tips for surviving the holiday without a loved one and another post detailing fun items for a Thanksgiving care package. You can also offer suggestions for making family gatherings more meaningful or building traditions around this holiday.

Deals & Steals

Many people now associate Thanksgiving with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you sell products online, you should capitalize by promoting your own holiday deals through your blog. This may include individual posts with teasers for sales to come closer to the year's end, or you may offer a different deal to blog viewers only each week leading up to Christmas. Holiday contests will get more people involved and may secure a few additions to your list as well.

You don't have to dedicate your entire blog to Thanksgiving in November. Include enough seasonal material to give your readers a reason to visit even when they have family flying in from distant locations and lengthy to-do lists, but continue to deliver the niche-specific content that they always rely on you to produce. If you do nothing else, embrace this holiday in your own way and keep your blog authentic to your voice and message.

(Photo Courtesy:How to Nest for Less)