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We Can Do it All: How to Find Time to Blog When You Have Children

Writing a compelling blog that people want to read on a regular basis can take a great deal of time. You need to research ideas for topics and carefully plan out how you are going to construct your blog posts. However, your time can be seriously limited if you are a mother. Raising a child makes your time very limited. A young child has an enormous amount of needs that you must attend to. So how will you be able to find the time in your schedule that you need to write your blog? Here are a few ideas that you will be able to use to help you accomplish this goal.

1. Do your blogging when your child is sleeping

There are going to be times when your child does not need your supervision. These are the times that you need to take advantage of in order to write your blog without any interruptions. One of the most ideal times is when your child is sleeping. You can write your blog in the morning before your child wakes up. You can also do some blogging at night after you have put your child to bed. These quiet times will allow you to focus on your work.

2. Adjust your schedule so you have time for blogging

Time management is very important if you are someone who wants to blog on a regular basis and you have a child. You need to plan out everything you are going to need to do for an entire week. Put some time aside in your schedule each day for your blogging. You will find that planning your activities each day will prevent you from wasting time on tasks that are not very important. This time can be used for your blogging.

3. Record ideas for your blog using your smartphone

You may not be able to do any writing while you are watching your kids. However, this does not mean that this time needs to be wasted. You can actually get some preparations for your next blog post completed during this time. There are a number of smartphone apps that will allow you to record your blog ideas and organize them in various folders. Sometimes a great idea for a blog post will come to you when you are in the middle of doing something else. These apps will prevent you from forgetting these ideas. You can then go back and look at these ideas and begin writing your blog when you have some free time.

4. Have your partner help you find time to blog

Your partner can play a key role in helping you find time to blog. You need to sit down with him or her and figure out when they will be able to watch the kids so that you will be able to write your blog for a solid two hours without any distractions. Take a look at both of your schedules and find the times when they sync up perfectly.

5. Write down blog ideas while you are nursing your baby

You might be a mother who breastfeeds her baby. If this is the case, use this time wisely. You can write down some ideas for blog topics.

Photo Courtesy: Santa Barbara Real Estate Mom