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Best Types of Instagram Posts to Drive Engagement

Nowadays, just about every business understands that social media is crucial to brand promotion and expanding a company's reach. While most businesses are familiar with the ins and outs of Facebook and Twitter, Instagram can still be a bit of a mystery. Perhaps it's because Instagram arrived later to the scene than its counterparts or maybe it's because Instagram is image-based rather than text-based.
Whatever the reason, many companies find themselves at a loss when it comes to planning their marketing efforts on Instagram. If you need help improving how your business performs on Instagram, then here are the types of Instagram posts that consistently drive engagement and expand the reaches of various brands.

Hauls and Shopping Posts
If you sell a product, people want to see the product. Many companies make the foolish mistake of posting advertisements that contain stock photos and models. While these types of posts can occasionally be useful, what people want to see on Instagram is actual photos of your product. Show photos of your product laid out in an attractive fashion. Better yet, share your customers' photos of your product.

Quotes and Inspiration
Some people might find them a bit cheesy, but the truth is that these motivational quote posts are widely shared and very popular. If some of the quotes you find seem too spiritual or earnest for your brand, keep digging until you find something that is lighthearted or funny, but still inspirational in nature.

Humorous Posts and Memes
Inspirational quotes aren't the only text-based posts that you can use to promote your brand on Instagram. Indeed, people love humorous posts and memes that give them a quick laugh and that are easy to share. Find jokes and memes that somehow relate to your brand or product.

Advice and Quick DIYs
People love quick little DIY projects or advice that can be laid out in one little pictorial. These types of posts allow people to succinctly learn a new craft or trick without having to invest a lot of time. These types of posts are great for encouraging replies and consumer engagement.

Behind the Scenes Glimpses
People are very curious about how various industries function behind the scenes. If your company has an interesting office setting or a unique way of manufacturing a product, share it with your Instagram followers. Accounts showing how things get made can often be some of the most popular accounts on the Instagram platform.

Open Ended Questions
Just because Instagram places the emphasis on pictures over text doesn't mean that you can't start a dialogue in the comments section. Post pictures that contain text asking your audience a question that is relevant to your brand. This is the perfect way to get a dialogue started with your customers.

Pictures That Highlight Your Customers
People love to feel like a company they shop at is grateful for their business. As long as you have their permission, post pics of your employees enjoying your product or wearing merchandise that promotes your brand. This is an excellent way to make your customers feel truly appreciated.
Instagram can be tricky for businesses to master. However, if you follow these tips and post these types of images, you're sure to gradually see your popularity on Instagram increase.

(Photo courtesy: Mashable)