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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I submit my website for inclusion and how many pages can I submit?

Once you complete the registration form, you can submit your website and multiple pages from your dashboard. There is no limit to the number of websites you can submit; however, the websites submitted must meet our requirements before being accepted.

Will you accept any site?

LinkVehicle reviews every site submitted and is committed to providing our advertisers with quality. To ensure quality, we have specific requirements a site must pass in order to be placed in our marketplace.

How much can I make from an ad placed on my website?

Every ad placed on our publisher sites results in a 50/50 split in revenue. We suggest the price upon acceptance into our marketplace. You can adjust your price at any time.

When will I receive payments?

Every publisher will be paid via PayPal on the 1st of every month. Our minimum payment is $10.00. If your earnings have not reached $10.00, you will not be paid.

Can I control whether or not an ad is placed on my website?

Yes, you can choose to approve an ad or have LinkVehicle approve an ad before placement.

What type of ads am I placing on my website?

You can choose which kinds of ads and offers you would like to participate in.

Will Advertisers be able to see my URL?

Your URL will remain private to all advertisers until an ad is purchased and placed on your website. Then, the advertiser will be able to view your URL.

Can I use LinkVehicle to run ads on my website along with other advertising services?

Yes, our service has not encountered any conflicts with other advertising services.

Why was my review rejected?

You didn’t follow the advertiser’s requirements, we contacted you and we didn’t see the correction.

Do reviews need to be in English?

Our advertisers will expect the review to be written in the language on your site.

Why wasn’t my blog accepted?

We look at the amount of incoming links along with metrics from Moz and Alexa when accepting sites. Your website may not have met our requirements.

How can I update my blog price?

You can update prices in your dashboard. Alternately, contact and we will do it right away.


How will these ads benefit my site?

By leveraging the influence of established experts and tastemakers, you can drive the conversation on pretty much any topic, whether you need better rankings in the search engines, improved social buzz, or to drive direct conversions through offers.

How many words will I receive from a blog review?

200 words is the minimum. You can ask the blogger to write more for a proportionate price increase.

How are Blog Reviews priced and how long do they last?

Every review is a one-time payment and a permanent link.

How long will it take for my Review to appear on your publisher’s website?

In most cases, your ad or review will appear within 24 hours, but it can occasionally take up to 48 hours. You will be credited for any ads that do not run.

Will I be able to see my Review once the publisher website accepts it?

You will see the publisher’s URL immediately after payment. At that time, you will have 24 hours to decide whether or not you want to keep the Text-Link. If you decide to cancel your ad within 24 hours, we will credit back your account. Once a review is written you have 24 hours to accept or reject it.

What if a blogger doesn’t follow my guidelines or include the links I asked for?

Contact us right away. We will resolve the problem by contacting the blogger or crediting your account.

Will a review always be positive?

The majority of the time it will be. We allow some freedom for our bloggers so that you receive higher quality articles. If you have specific requirements, we can produce the copy on your behalf according to your criteria.